iTunes 10 UI Overhaul

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul

Restore color to iTunes side bar and more


  • Restores color to iTunes sidebar
  • Restores iTunes windows controls to horizontal position
  • Makes other changes familiar to iTunes 9 fans


  • Not clear how you uninstall the changes

Very good

In more recent iTunes updates, Apple has chosen to remove the color in iTunes and replace it with a more gray-chrome finish. iTunes 10 UI Overhaul restores color to your iTunes sidebar and other aspects of the UI that have been turned chrome.

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul requires you to perform a three-step process. First, you have to CMD-click two files (iTunes.rsrc and iTunes.icns). Secondly, you have to drag the two files to the folder provided. Finally, you need to double click on a script which restores the iTunes windows controls (the red, green and yellow buttons at the top of the interface) back into their original horizontal position.

However, iTunes 10 UI Overhaul should be used with care. It's not clear how you uninstall the changes after they've been made, so unless you're really sure you want to restore color to iTunes before executing the files. If all else fails though, you could always reinstall the latest version of iTunes.

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul is a simple solution for all those that miss having color in their iTunes interface.

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul supports the following formats

Full list of functions:

Reverts colourful Source List icons, both Small and Large sizes!
Native Snow Leopard window chrome - no shiny
Horizontal Snow Leopard Aqua traffic lights, including Mini Player
Media controls have iTunes 8 look
Volume control now has iTunes 9 look - with no gaps
List headers return to iTunes 9 look
iPod Sync Usage Meter reverted to iTunes 9 look
AppleScript to change the stoplights back to horizontal
iTunes 10 icon replaced with iTunes 9 icon throughout the app
Restored color to Preferences window tabs
Removed shadow below top window chrome
Various other minor tweaks and improvements
iTunes 8-like Mini Player traffic lights

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul


iTunes 10 UI Overhaul

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